Panic Button

We have included a Panic Button which can be used.
We also have included a Lost Phone Feature.

Panic Button and Lost My Phone Features

In todays dangerous world you need to have technology that will work on your side. SpyFone - Spy Phone App has several features to help you. The first is the panic Button. The Panic button is a feature where a button is in on the app page. When the button is pressed it will make a noise with the speaker on the phone and send GPS to your control panel. This can come in handy if needed by someone. You will be able to see to the GPS location of where the location of the phone was when the Panic Button was pushed. You control panel can be accessed 24 hours a day and seven days a week form either a pc or a phone with an internet connection.

With Lost My Phone feature you can see where your phone is by sending a ping to it and making a noise with the phone's speaker. You can also send a message to the phone. These features come in handy if you misplace your phone or if someone has taken the phone.

These features help you and your family keep better control of your family phones and the people who are making use of the phones everyday day in their lives.

Spy Phone panic button:

In today's world, safety assurance is very important. You must be thinking about what a panic button is. To assure the safety of your child, family members, or even yourself, a spy phone app has added a panic button to its features.

With this new panic button, you can receive or send signals with just one tap.
There is a button on the app that transfers signals to the control panel if the receiver holds it for a few seconds.

Spy Phone has added almost everything a parent may need to monitor their child's activities. The panic button is the most recent signal-transmitting button, assuring parents that if their children are in danger, they can simply press and hold the panic button, and a location-based alert will be sent to the control panel.

The panic button is a realistic and very helpful addition to the phone tracker. Anyone who is in danger can send an alarm with an exact location to the people who are monitoring them through a spy phone app.

How a panic button works: With the knowledge of all the spy phone features, we already know that a phone spy has different helpful features that help us secure our lives. The Panic Button is one of those features.

This is a button that you will find on the top of the app page. Once the button is pressed, it will make a noise with the help of the device's speaker and send a GPS data signal to your control panel. This thing can come in handy if anyone needs it .

You can log in to your control panel anytime you want, seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. When a signal is sent, you will get that with the device location. That means it will give you location details about the place where the panic button was pushed.

This sound signal can prevent a lot of accidents. With the sound signal sent from the receiver, the administrator will get to know that he or she is in danger. We will be able to take the necessary steps to reach the receiver as soon as possible.

With the GPS data, we will be able to reach them so easily and can save them from any kind of inconvenience.

Lost phone feature:

There is a "lost my phone" feature in the Spy Phone app designed to prevent the phone's data from being lost.

If you ever lose your phone, then there is an option with which you can send a ping on your phone and see where the device is. Spy Phone app is not a spy app.

Mobile phones are one of the most important devices we regularly use where we keep almost all of the information, files, and pictures. Losing a mobile phone may lead to a great loss sometimes. With the determination to not lose the data stored on the mobile phone, Spy Phone has added a lost phone feature to it so that a lost or stolen phone can be found in its location found in our control panel.

Frequently asked questions:

  • 1. What does a panic button require to work?

Only an internet connection, a spy phone app, and a phone tracker account. Nothing else.
If you are already a user of a spy phone app, then you already know what things a spy phone app requires to work. The Panic button is a built-in option on the top page. It requires the same thing that a spy phone needs to run properly.
It does not need anything else to work. Whenever you face an emergency, the Spy phone app is always with you to connect you with your people.

  • 2. Is it a built-in option in a spy phone app?

Phone trackers: The Spy Phone app recently added its panic button, considering any emergency a child could face. Parents are always worried about their children's safety and comfort. To reduce parental insecurity, the Spy Phone app has a panic button as a built-in option. It does not need any updates, any payments, anything. The emergency sound signal provides location data on a map, and it is built-in in the app.

  • 3. How many times can I push the panic button? Is there a weekly or monthly limit?

The Phone spy allows you to push its panic button whenever you need it, whenever you get into an emergency. There is no weekly or monthly limit on using this option for your needs.
The best security alert is provided by a phone tracker.

  • 4. Will the panic button notify me of the map location?

A panic button is usually pressed when the receiver is in danger or an emergency. The Spy Phone app is a monitoring app that transfers information with exact GPS data.

So when the receiver pushes the panic button, you will get a sound signal transferred from the receiver that includes his or her location on the map.
You can reach there easily with the provided location data.

  • 5. Can I use the lost phone feature for any other reason?

The lost phone feature is a special feature designed to protect your mobile phone from being lost. With this feature, you can send a ping on your mobile device. That ping will work like virtual magic, because you will get the device's location updated, and you can take all the steps to get your mobile phone back.

This is how it works. Now, if you think you can use it for any other reason, then obviously you can. The app does not know why you are using the feature.

  • 6. How far can I send an alert using the panic button or the lost phone feature?

You can send alerts through a spy phone using its panic button or lost phone feature anytime and anywhere. There is no boundary, no limit at all. The device's GPS data should be on, and it requires a good internet connection.

So, it does not matter where you are, or where you are sending an alarm. Any place, at any time, these features will work for you.

Phone trackers' new panic button feature has lessened a huge amount of tension. Parents who have always been concerned about their children can now rest easy with this new spy phone option. Children can also move without being afraid because their parents are always with them. They can let their parents know anytime they feel an emergency. The app is visible and it is not a spy app.


In this latest technological world, people still feel unsafe and insecure. Every time we are looking for some such technology that will offer us some undeniable safety options, Mostly, the parents among us feel this type of need with their heart and soul. Considering this kind of parental issue, Spy Phone Labs, LLC has launched this software, a mobile app that is completely designed to keep children protected.

Safety is for everyone. Spy Phone, to ensure safety, started its journey in 2012, and now worldwide, almost six million people use this app. LLC is hoping that someday this app will become the number one monitoring app in the world.

Reduce your tension with a spy phone. Get the Spy Phone app, ensure the security of your loved one, and make the world a better place to live in. Spy Phone app is not a spy app as it is completely visible to the user.

App is available for free on Google Play & App Store