Top Android Parental Control Apps 2021

We live in an era that is technologically-driven, which means that our children also use their smartphone devices in order to access the Internet. This suggests that there is both good and bad content that they’re exposed to, which is probably the reason why you might want to track your kid's or kids' usage of specific apps.

However, if you did some digging online, you’re probably overwhelmed by the number of parental control applications that you could choose from, which is why you may be wondering – what are some of the top ones I could use? Fortunately for all parents, the article below will shed some light on the entire topic, so, let’s take a look at the apps you could use:

1. Best For Teenagers - ‘Qustodio’

This app features a filtering algorithm that is automatically turned on, which means that your youngster will be protected from harmful content as soon as you connect their phones. However, if needed, you could also opt for blocking specific applications and/or websites, something that is quite useful, especially if you have teenagers.

Besides the filtering feature, you could also utilize the app to arrange an appropriate timer with your child, hence, you can set a timed plan or you could limit the amount of time they spend on the net each day. Additionally, you’ll be able to receive extended reporting, meaning that you’ll get a summary of their activity in the last month.

2. For Instantly Locking a Smartphone - ‘Mobicip’

If there is ever an instance where you need to have the attention of your family, you could utilize Mobicip to immediately lock all phones that are attached to the app, and more importantly, you’ll be capable of doing it with one click of a button. Besides this trait, you’ll also be able of blocking every single video streaming application and sites, hence, you could limit the distractions during study or chores time.

Now, you shouldn’t be bothered if you’re not tech-savvy, especially since this program is completely easy to manage and navigate, meaning that you’ll be able to customize the settings you require and control your children's’ activity from one area. Likewise, it's simple to fix a weekly and daily scan of the time spent on each of the phones.

3. If You Have up to Five Children - ‘SpyPhone’

The very first thing that you should know about this application is that it has several million downloads, which means that it is, perhaps, one of the most loved parental control programs out there. If you don’t need to hide the fact that you want to control your child's phone, it'll be quite suitable for you since it won’t be hidden from your youngsters and it’ll also present you with a lot of beneficial traits.

When you access it, you’ll be able to see the activity of up to five phones and you’ll be able to pick what you want from the control center. Besides a panic button that your children can use, you’ll also be capable of looking into their apps, activity, location, and you can even see the owners of the contacts saved in their phones.

4. For Social Media Platforms - ‘Bark’

If you want to protect your children from various online threats – especially the ones coming from social media platforms – you should definitely choose to use Bark. Why? Well, it’ll grant you access to texts, emails, as well as social media platforms, meaning that you’ll be able to track every single app on their phones.

One of the key features is that it’ll send you an alert if it identifies any potential dangers including cyberbullying and suicidal thoughts. For instance, if your child starts searching the Internet about being depressed or suicidal, you’ll immediately receive a notification on your smartphone.

5. For Youngsters - ‘Net Nanny’

Yet another powerful tool on our list is Net Nanny, an app that is packed with some incredible safety options and it’s also completely easy to use. Not only will it allow you to see your youngsters' online searches, but it’ll also send you a notification if they’re viewing mature content.

Younger kids tend to spend more time watching different videos including the ones created by YouTubers, hence, if you’re worried that they’re watching something that isn’t suitable for their age, you’ll be able to block it, as well as schedule the screen time you want to a daily level.

6. Free of Charge - ‘Kaspersky Safe Kids’

Although there are premiums that you could choose to pay, this app comes with a wide range of free features and tools, including ones that will filter the kid’s searches, apps, as well as the time spend on their devices. This particular version will immediately block any inappropriate and mature content, so, you won’t need to worry about it.

When it comes to the premium, with it, you’ll be able to track their location, you’ll get notifications when their phones are about to shut down, and you can also gain access to their social media profiles. Lastly, if your child wants to access a harmful site, you’ll get an alert as soon as they search for it.

7. For GPS Tracking - ‘Life 360’

Yes, most of the applications in this article do offer GPS tracking, however, Life 360 is a bit different than other apps. It basically contains the geolocation from more than 100 countries in the world, and you’ll also be able to mark the most frequently visited places such as the library, school, your house, and so on.

Besides being able to track their locations, you’ll also gain beneficial insights into the activity on their smartphones. And, the key difference is that you’ll be able to chat with your children by using the app, hence, you can create your very own network that you and your family members can use.


There is a wide range of parental control apps that you can choose to use out there. Of course, the one you choose will depend on the features you want it to have, so, before you pay for a premium app, ensure that you know what you’ll be gaining with it, more specifically which features you’ll have.

So, now that you’re aware of all the applications that you can use, you shouldn’t lose any more time. Instead, return to the beginning of this article, go through it once again, and then determine which app might be suitable for your needs, requirements, as well as your budget.

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